roasted tomato soup

How to roast…


Tomatoes for this delicious soup. This is a recipe by Sophie Dahl. It’s brilliant and the kind of food I love cooking since you prepare it and then you can go off and do something else…you come back it’s ready!

In an ovenproof pan you put halved tomatoes, a couple of chunky sliced onions (I use red ones, might have unintentionally created a theme there;)). I used one single little clove of garlic. Use as many as you like. I just happen to hate it. So using a little was already a big dare for me.

Add olive oil, thyme (I used dry since I forgot to buy fresh one which has to be even better) and some sugar to help the tomatoes to develop their taste.

At 190°C in the oven for 1/2 hour or longer….just check after that half hour.

Put everything in a blender or as I did in a pot and blend it in there. Add salt & pepper.

Sooooo goooood! Just had some for lunch really:)

How to add…

a little something to a soup.

I chose smoked salmon with red pepper (mixed together in a blender, not too much though, there should still be peaces of fish) with cottage cheese, a teaspoon of sour cream, dill, pepper & salt.


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