Lëtzebuerger Kascht

Let’s start with “Kniddelen”

These dumplings are not the most photogenic food there is. I tried my best with the pictures;) Traditionally they are served with bacon that has been cut in little peaces and fried crisp. Bacon & greace from the pan are poured over the “Kniddelen”. I am happy with olive oil and some chili.

And here is how it’s done.

500g flour

250g cream cheese (wäisse Kéis)

3 to 4 eggs

250ml milk

salt & pepper

if you go for the bacon make it 150g

Mix all the ingredients for the dough. It should fall heavily from the spoon when it’s done. So don’t add all the milk at once, you might have to experiment a little.

Pour spoon after spoon of dough into boiling salted water. Not too many at once, they shouldn’t touch. They will sit at the bottom of the pot in he beginning. When they “swim” up to the surface they are supposed to be done, my tip leave them for a couple more minutes. They can be undercooked inside even if they look done.

This amount of dough feeds 4 people easily. It was a poor man’s dish generally served with a glass of milk (no need to be that traditional about it;)

For the kids add tomato sauce! That’s how they were sold to me a long long time ago:)



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