This recipe from Jamie Oliver feeds 6 people. I served it with tomato soup today &  for dessert vanilla ice cream with fresh red fruits for dessert. The only tricky thing with risotto is when to start cooking if you have friends or family coming over. I say let them wait a little to serve them a risotto “al dente”. Mine today was slightly overcooked but ready when my guests arrived…they didn’t object though:)

So here is goes,

Start by preparing 1l of broth of your choice (I use vegetable broth, chicken works fine too). It’s important the broth is heated as long as you need it since cold broth would interrupt the cooking process of the rice.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and put in a chopped onion. Don’t let it get dark, but only slightly “transparent”. Then add 400g of risotto rice and stir these together.

Add 2 glasses of white cooking wine, stir until the alcohol has evaporated. Then start to add a ladle of broth & stir. When the liquid has diminished add more and repeat as long as the rice needs to be “al dente”. You don’t need to stir all the time. Just stay with your risotto and stir from time to time. This is not one of my walk away and come back to a great result recipes. No broth left but rice still undercooked….add heated water instead. Rice too salty (because of the broth), switch from broth to water half way through. You can always add salt later.

Rice “al dente” and consistency creamy … take the rice of the heat. Add 120g grated parmesan cheese and a tablespoon of butter, pepper and salt. Let it sit for five minutes then serve.

You can add any vegetable to this recipe by adding it in the beginning after the onions. You will have to season a little bit more depending on how watery or tasty the vegetable that you added is.

I tried pumpkin, leek, zucchini & today I went for baby spring onions & some really nice wine…

Whatever works 🙂



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