carrot & mango soup


The first time I write a blog on my balcony 😉 It’s sooo nice out here. Birds, cows, foxes….and spiders & me.

Time for another healthy little soup.

As always start with olive oil and one onion.


Add first the flesh of one mango since it caramelizes a little in the olive oil. Add 1 kg chopped carrots, cover with water and let it boil until the carrots are soft.

Many options for spices here. You can add cumin seeds at the beginning with the onion. When the seeds make cracking noises you have to add water since they will start burning and get bitter. I’m a big fan of Curcuma added after the water. You should add ground pepper if you use this spice & be really careful it will stain anything for ever. So I’m not using it in my favorite white pot. Otherwise I always add it since it’s really good for you;) I always cook with my indian spice box when I make soup.


Add pepper & salt and coconut milk if you wish. It’s nice without, it’s nice with.



No surprise that I add some dry chili and if I overdo that even more coconut milk:)



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