apricot jam

Apricot it is this time. I used 2kg of apricots washed, gutted and cut into pieces. The sugar I used is 1kg fruit to 500g sugar. It depends on the “gelling sugar” you choose, it can be 1kg fruit to 1 kg sugar, generally this is specified on the sugar packet.

I covered the 2kg fruit with 1 kg sugar added a vanilla pod that I have cut in half & skin and juice of one lemon (you can make it apricot only). I like to let that sit for an hour or two so the fruit & sugar can produce juice. Then you heat everything until the fruit is soft, take the vanilla pod out and mix the fruit.

You can choose to mix everything or only a part depending if you do like fruit pieces in your jam or not. I mixed the whole amount.

The “gelling test” consists in poring some of the mixture onto a clean plate and see if it changes quickly to the right jam consistency. If it doesn’t cook a bit longer and test again until you’re happy with the result. If ready fill the hot jam into the very clean glasses (I do actually cook them in  boiling glasses grandmother style) and put the lid on immediately. That way you will be able to keep this for weeks or months.



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