tarte à la rhubarbe again

This time with a “yeast dough”.

This works with any seasonal fruit and season is the reason why this is another tarte  à la rhubarbe.

Put together (I use a kitchen robot) 250g flour, pinch of salt, 125g melted (cooled off) butter, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 eggs and 1,5 tablespoons of oil (neutral in taste, not olive oil…).

Finally 1/8l of milk that you might want to add step by step since the dough might need a little less or e little more.

Let the kitchen robot do it’s job, then let the dough sit & rise for half an hour or more.

For the tarte I don’t really bother with a starting dough. This recipe makes 2 medium tartes.

Work the dough with flower until you can roll it out and put it into your backing dish. Add the washed and skinned rhubarb and put into the oven at 190° to 200°.

Serve for dessert with ice cream, a at some other time with or without;)



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