Crêpes / pancakes?

I am not sure that they both mean the same. Is an american pancake not smaller rounder and for breakfast?

This is the crêpe that I grew up with and that is traditionally served here for lunch, together with a vegetable soup & the sweet toppings for the crêpe.

It’s also THE belgian thing. We used to spend the summer at the belgian seaside where “une crêpe” was something you had around 4 in the afternoon.

Another thought that always goes with making crêpes is Gaston Lagaffe (belgian comic anti-hero) who puts an important letter he’s supposed to put into the mail on the frying pan before a lady pours the dough for the crêpe and then wonders why the crêpe was tough and where the letter has gone;) It’s better in images.

I like mine with self-made marmalade, only with sugar or as I learned from an english friend, with lemon juice & sugar.

For more or less 10 crêpes (make them as thin as you manage, the first one never turns out right don’t worry)

250g whole grain flour

1/2 almondmilk

3 eggs

a pinch of salt,

well mixed together. I used a retro mixer here which worked really well. I tend to mix the eggs, flour and salt with a little milk until the batter is smooth and then add the milk gradually. You might need a little less or more milk, you’ll see if the batter allows you to cover the bottom of your frying pan nicely.

Another thing is butter. I am not a fan and prefer olive oil or other vegetable oils. But in this case only butter will do. Although next time I will try unflavored coconut oil.  A little bit into the hot pan before every single “crêpe”. You know that it’s ready to be turned over when the surface is “dry”.



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