Home made chocolate spread…

…à la Pierre Marcolini.

homemade chocolate spread

For more or less 8 glasses (I made half of this amount which made 4,5 glasses):

90cl cream

60g caster sugar

1 vanilla pod

100g de pâte pralinée (this is a max you can buy ready-made which consists of 50% sugar & 50% ground hazelnuts)

900g dark chocolate (the better the quality….)

50g butter (unsalted)

Heat the cream with the vanilla seeds & pod* & sugar (always add sugar when cooking milk or cream, it keeps it from burning, not from running over though;))

*You scrape out the vanilla seeds add them to the cream and add the pod as well just to benefit from as much flavor as possible.

Melt the chocolate over a “bain marie” (a cooking pot with boiling water & you put the bowl with the chocolate on top). Make sure NO water gets into the chocolate. Otherwise it burns (I call it that because of how it looks) and you can not get it liquid.

Take off the “bain marie” when melted, add the praliné & the cream (pass it through a sift because the cream might have formed a skin & the vanilla pod has to be taken out).

You have to do this quickly and stir the mixture well.

Finally add the butter in the still hot mixture and stir well until all butter has dissolved before filling the chocolate spread into glasses.

homemade chocolate spread

Once opened it keeps up to 3 weeks in the fridge. Works as spread on bread, as a “ganache” on cake and a spoon full in hot milk makes it a delicious hot chocolate.



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