Quetschekraut / damson jam

…although it’s not as sweet as jam.

It doesn’t get more traditional & seasonal. In september we cook damsons with sugar (the normal kind not the one you would buy for a jam) for a really long time until the colour, smell, consistency and appearance off the damson skins are exactly right.

As children we did this with family and friends around a huge pot where the damson’s were cooking for hours and we took turns to stir.

The damsons that I bought on the local market are quiet sweet. Normally you would take 250g sugar for 1kg of fruit. I took a little less, you will be the judge of that tasting the fruit and adjusting the need for sugar regarding the sweetness our sourness of it.

I bought 2 kg of damsons which once gutted left me with more or less 1800g. So they were washed, gutted, mixed with the sugar and left covered for 12 hours so the juice can drains out.

By now there is a fair amount of juice in the pot with the damsons and you can start cooking them.

Add a cinnamon stick that will cook wth the fruit and is taken out before putting the “Quetschekraut” into the jars.

It’s important to stir n a regular basis especially when the liquids have evaporated quiet a bit and the risk of the fruit burning becomes higher. The “Quetschekraut” is not too runny and very importantly the skins of the damsons has to roll like little cigars.

When your “Quetschekraut” has cooked sufficiently long you are ready to fill it in  the freshly “cooked” (I still boil glasses and lids that I use for jam or “Quetschekraut” in boiling water to make sure they are clean and the jam won’t develop mold) glasses. When you have filled and sealed the glass turn it upside down right away and leave it for a minute. That helps to really seal the glass. Then you can turn it the right way and let it cool off.

Keeps for months if not opened and kept in a cool dark place. After opening it should be kept in the fridge.



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