Tartelette aux “Quetsch”

…any stone fruit works for this rich “tarte”. I chose to make small ones since they are more presentable.

I started with puff pastry (although I can do it myself I chose to buy a good quality one).

You could choose another sweet dough for the base.

Rolled out quiet thin and moulded into your baking dish. Put little holes int the base, just stepping a couple of times with a fork will do. I did this yesterday and since the sun finally found little Luxemburg I put the dough into the fridge between steps since heat just kills puff pastry. The butter starts running  out and will later fry the pastry in the oven. Not a bad taste but not what you’re looking for:) The same is true for croissant dough.

On top of the dough, la “crème d’amande”.

60g butter

60g sugar

60g ground almonds

1 egg

mix butter and sugar first until “white” and mix in  eggs & almonds after, you can add some Rum.

Put some of that mixture at the base of your already molded dough. Put all into the fridge again if you start preparing the fruit now.

Fruit prepared, washed, gutted & cut as you like, place it on the dough and “crème d’amande”.

Put into the oven at 180°C to 190°C.

For as long as it takes for the dough to be golden and even a little more baked than that.

Let the “tartelettes” cool off and serve with ice-cream, vanilla sauce or plain…



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