Craving something sweet…

…go for sweet potato soup;)

I know you were expecting a crazy indulging something here, but I somehow managed to quit sugar…and I feel great.


Since I started this blog mostly baking I had to take a break while I made a somehow natural transition to whole foods, still in transition actually 🙂

I am ready to share my new way of cooking that gives me so much more energy!

Lately I have been traveling (London again & again) and couldn’t stick to my diet the way I would have liked to, so to make it easier to get back on track I have sweet veggies. Does the trick and is really tasty & you know me….it’s easy.

It’s all about bringing out the simple and delicious taste of that potato.

I start by heating one onion in ghee (clarified butter, you can go for normal butter too, just don’t heat olive oil that doesn’t come as a special heatable version) or flavorless coconut oil. I add a couple of washed and chopped sweet potatoes cover with water and let them boil until soft. I add only salt & pepper but you could go for vegetable stock instead of plain water for the cooking. I tend to use too little water and have to add more (hot) water when I blend the potatoes to get a soup & not a “purée”.

Blend & enjoy


Add some quinoa or rice to make it a more complete dish.

It’s so easy I’m embarrassed to write it down…it’s heaven for all of you who crave something sweet & nourishing!

I’ll have my soup & am off to the movies…”Love is all you need” & good food I say!


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