Granola for mom


A not so sweet granola for my mother who is not on the sweet side, nor very adventurous when it comes to breakfast. In contrast to her appetite when she’s traveling and having the local dish everywhere….no matter what. I have, stomach upsetting (to me at least, no offense) prove for this;)…snailsoup!

  • I used 500g of wholegrain rolled oats (you can buy them gluten free if you are intolerant or just want to reduce the amount of gluten in you diet. Since I don’t hunt for gluten free when I’m eating out or traveling, I tend to stay away from gluten when at home just to create some level of balance)
  • one handful of soaked goji berries (soaking them will keep them from getting really dry or burning in the oven)
  • one handful of slightly crushed almonds
  • a couple of tablespoons of agave syrup
  • 2 “pieces” (or tablespoons) of flavor free coconut oil. If you feel “ripe for the island” go for the coconut oil with flavor;)
  • a pinch of salt


That’s it! Not too many different grains and nuts which would make the granola hard work for your body. Try another kind of nuts or raisins ect with the next batch.

150°-160° in the oven, stir the mix regularly and take it out when lightely brown. After cooling off I added 4 teaspoons of  bee pollen. So much for the super-foods.


Now I have to drive it over to my parents and wait for the verdict. I am slightly doubting my choice of gojiberries over raisins here…..I’ll let you know;)

Eat well


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