Finally bread…


…that we love so much and have been told so much bad stuff about. I was told that I’m gluten intolerant. But, this seems to be linked to the bread I used to buy, since the symptoms I experienced and that were diagnosed as gluten intolerance, are not happening at all with homemade bread!

Cherchez l’erreur;) (search for the mistake)

So I reblog & can not take credit for this recipe that came to me through this wonderful blog only adding the photo that I took of one of my creations.

I use whole grain spelt flour most of the time. Enough gluten to rise nicely & the benefice of the whole grain (helping digestion, helping control blood sugar). For this one I added almonds and raisins into the dough mixture.

It’s a recipe you can go crazy with, add whatever you fancy to it and enjoy this amazing bread which demands close to zero effort to make. Spread the word;)

Eat well


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