Mr coconut

…although these are chocolate I named this experiment that turned out well after my nieces favorite song of the moment. Not totally far-fetched since I will pack these cocochocolatewonders right after this to deliver them to my niece and nephew in the morning and there is quiet some coconut involved.


Here the ingredients:

100g coconut oil (with flavor)

200g dark super quality chocolate of your choice (I used 75%)

70 coconut sugar (very low glycemic index)

4 eggs

80g whole grain flour (I used spelt again)

Melt the chocolate with the coconut oil un a pan. When that is done and had a chance to slightly cool off, keep whisking while you pour in the sugar & the flour. Finally add the eggs one after the other whisking continuously. If the mixture is too hot or you’re not whisking enough, the eggs might turn into omelet.

Add nuts to the mixture or coconut splits….whatever you fancy. Go wild;)

Pour the mixture into the moulds of your choice and bake at 180° until they look like mine;) use a cake tester to check if the inside is done!


Easy & a good conscience indulging or feeding them too your loved ones!

Eat well


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