White soup


I have neck problems and am feeling a little fuzzy…I am sharing because coming back from the chiropractor I felt like having something extra healthy. Both feelings together, fuzzy head & desire for healthy stuff, brought up a memory from a stay in India. I was sitting in the jungle in a Ayurvedic doctors office who told me (well many things but those two I will actually tell you;) that I would have neck problems in the future and that coconut is good for me. The only thing missing today is the coconut then. I made up this “white soup”. Did I tell you before that white veggies help eliminate fat…yes!! Not that this is going to help my neck, but I told you… fuzzy;)

This made two bowls:

neutral coconut oil (or any heatable oil of your choice)



1 glove of garlic

1 onion


5 mushrooms of your choice



400 ml vegetable broth

200ml  coconut milk




The idea is to leave the vegetables as raw as possible but still have a warming dish. I started by slightly heating the sliced onion and whole garlic clove in the coconut oil. Added 1 cm of grated ginger & after a couple of minutes the vegetable broth. If you use fresh chill, put it in with the ginger. I used the dry version here, putting it in a little later with pepper & salt. I added the coconut milk and brought that to a boil. Seasoned with silly, pepper & salt and left this to cook for 10 minutes. During that time I grated the celeriac and the parsnip (I used a kitchen robot) & cut the mushrooms into slices.


I added two handful of the grated veggies to the boiling liquid and let them simmer for a couple of minutes only before pouring the soup in a bowl, seasoning again (adding “bland” veggies does steal some of the taste) and adding the mushrooms & parsley.


If we consider a 50% raw dish a seriously healthy one, this one qualifies;)

Eat well


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