Finally spring…


…that’s what I thought during the week when I just HAD to make these;) This morning Luxemburg is waking up to a snowy white landscape again;( I am not sure if I craved them or if I just wanted to take a photograph of my favorite food (the berries) in their most indulgent form. Dipped in chocolate and roasted nuts!


It must be the second reason because I am one of those bizarre people who DO NOT like chocolate. Every time I’m in Brussels I deeply regret not charing the pleasure of those strolling on the “sablons” and buying all those beautifully designed pieces of edible art.


But, that being said these are just pretty &  I decided they will be part of the easter desserts that I will make for the family! The plan: these & a “tarte au citron” & a couple of really healthy kid friendly chocolate cake bunnies…no snow (I don’t know who’s in charge of that but I’m hoping) I will let you know how all of it turns out;)


Quick note on how to make these:

Melt dark high quality chocolate (any kind you LIKE;)), crush some roasted nuts & dip the washed and dried strawberries first into the chocolate then into the nuts. Leave to dry on a piece of baking paper!

Eat well & happy easter


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