clever snack

This is my biggest challenge in my quest to eat healthy and stay energized all through the day. First I have to plan because I won’t be at home in my kitchen when the hunger for a snack is kicking in but more likely close to a shop with a lot of convenient but not so healthy choices. I will try to come up with more healthy snack options over time, this is the first one. I give you that it is not the most convenient to take to work but doable plus healthy & convenient aren’t always a perfect match.

I never buy plums since the skin is to tart for my taste. My neighbour and my parents don’t seem to plan their shopping according to their travel plans. From both sides I inherit the content of the fridge & fruit basket whenever they go away. That is how I ended up with plums. (My parents enjoyed their trip to Hamburg very much)


My only choice was to cut them in half & cook them in a little water with 1/2 tbsp of coconut sugar & 1/2 tsp of vanilla, on a low heat until they were soft, the skin had lost the tartness and the liquid had reduced to a syrup.

After they had cooled off they were delicious in some goat milk yoghurt.


It seems that a snack consisting of fibre and protein is the best to keep you fit…

Snack well


4 thoughts on “clever snack

  1. I appreciate your post and the idea of this combination and preparation- very nice photo. For your English speaking followers, please note that a plum is the raw fruit (which is what the picture seems to show) and the dried fruit version of a plum is called a prune. In English this is a separate distinction.

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