cook your fruit


…sometimes. I totally get the raw food idea and since I am not a friend of extremes (although magically drawn to them) the 50% idea is appealing. The raw foodists say that if 51% of your meal are raw you prevent your body from going into food related inflammation. Inflammation being  a major burden to our body if not acutely needed because of a real hostile invasion in that case of course inflammation is a strong weapon. In our food related frequent inflammation example, it’s a starting point for disease.

That being said I try to listen to my body and am more of a seasonal eater. More cooked foods when it’s cold, more raw when its warm. The weird  bit is that right now my body seems to like raw veggies but cooked fruit. Why not!

Here one of my fruity cooked desserts of the moment.


A pear and a little grape cooked in a mix of water, vanilla, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of agave syrup. Cooked at a medium heat until the pears are soft adding water if needed.



Once the fruit is cooked let the liquid evaporate. This leaves a little syrup that is not overly sweet. If you add a little yoghurt this makes a clever snack.

Eat well raw or cooked


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