cocolate & nut treat

Did I tell you I don’t actually like chocolate? True! But I seem to look for ways to like it;) So I bought a 70% cacao high quality chocolate and made these rough looking treats. The version you can buy at the “chocolatier” traditionally has one almond, one walnut, one pistachio and one raisin. I used a mix of nuts and raisins with the little difference that I soaked and roasted the nuts first since that is the way to go if you want to digest them efficiently.


Almonds & hazelnuts should soak for a night, walnut and cashew only need a couple of hours. Rinse them well before spreading them on a baking tray and to roast at 150°C (temperature depends on your oven, look and smell & adjust) until dry and crunchy. They burn easily, so try to stay in the kitchen.


I processed the nuts and raisins added some chia seeds (a little extra omega 3) and sprinkled the mixture on a sheat of baking paper. I poured the melted chocolate onto that & sprinkled some of the nuts on top. Just let this sit and you’ll end up with a powerful antioxidant treat;) I used so many healthy words here, we can kick the bad conscience;)


Eat well


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