wholegrain sweet rice breakfast

Wholegrain says it all. WHOLE It’s the way we are designed to eat our food so the body can use it efficiently and doesn’t have to create cravings to replace the missing bits. & the craving will generally not be for the sensible missing bit but more for something more crazy. For that reason I had given up on risotto and “sweet” rice because I could only find the polished version of the round rice. Until now;)


My first try with my new discovery is a breakfast rice cooked in nut milk . Unsweetened milk. It turns quiet sweet when it becomes thicker through the cooking. For my first try it took 90 minutes for the rice to get soft, because I cooked it purely in the nut milk. Recently I tried cooking the rice in water for 10 minutes and then adding the milk and letting it reduce. MUCH quicker;) Maybe you own a pressure cooker which would make it even faster I guess.

For my first try I had to change my breakfast plans and keep this for the fallowing day, which was my first day back at work and the comfort food start in the day was most welcome.

I covered 1 cup of rice with  2 cups of water and boiled it until the rice was nearly done. Then I added 1 cup of nut milk and boiled it at a medium heat until the milk had reduced. You might have to play with this a little bit until the rice is as soft or “al dente” as you like. If you cook the italian way, so not totally soft you are making it harder for your body to break the rice down. Which is better for you because it makes the sugar release into the blood slower. This & the whole grain…you win;)!


It IS delicious, give it a try… on a lazy sunday morning. No need to add sugar or any other sweetener!

Eat well  & take your time;)


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