red skinned potatoes


I recently got totally lost in the healthy eating craziness that I had imposed on myself. Learning new facts on nutrition every week in my studies, I started seeing the enemy in nearly everything edible & in their combination! Instead of listening to my body I started going through a whole mathematical process of what when and how! The cure? Calling a good friend to have lunch and making that lunch pizza. I enjoyed it & I survived!! Although a big fan of the 90/10 approach. (90 % for health 10% only for pleasure… Not excluding that healthy can & should be pleasurable! Healthy bland food is not the way to go ) I somehow fell into a no-nonsense trap that I proudly escaped from.  Back to a more balanced self I present you these lovely red skinned potatoes. Sneaking  in a health info, this variety of potatoes result in much less sugar in the bloodstream than their pale skinned family members.



Washed, cut & sprinkled with pepper, sea salt, herbs and olive oil you put these in the oven at 200°C until they are soft inside and slightly brown on top. I used the fresh herbs (rosemary & thyme) that I’m growing on my balcony. You can obviously use dried herbs or altogether different ones.



I never skin green asparagus & these were organic. I washed them and cut off the rough ends, cooked them in boiling salted water for a couple of minutes only and threw them into ice-cold water immediately. They were still crunchy inside.


Those red skinned potatoes are also yummy with a salad & steamed or raw veggies, as a side dish for anything you like really!

Eat well & stay relaxed about your food;)


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