Wholegrain Pizza to go

First, THANK YOU for reading this;) I meant to say that for a while & now it’s done! It really makes my day to get comments here or on FB or to see that fellow bloggers liked a post.

Over the last few weeks I was following  teacher training after work on the other side of the country, in terms of distance that doesn’t mean much in Luxemburg but for me it means lunch  in the car & dinner during the class which  ends really late. Since I am not the grab a sandwich on the go girl I had to come up with prepacked lunches and dinners. Most of them didn’t look presentable enough to make it as a post;) homemade sandwiches, quinoa & or rice &…75% dark chocolate for moral support.

My whole grain pizza to go happened by chance since I had started a dough for homemade bread while debating what to take the next day for my trip through the country;)


My pizza dough & the bread dough work fine for this.



I took a handful after it had proven for a couple of hours. I rolled it as thin as possible without tearing. Then I cut equal square peaces to fill them with…


tomato paste & rosemary


Roquette (cut into pieces because it’s just embarrassing if after the first bite all the greens are fallowing)



Feta (or any cheese of your choice) & pepper & piment d’espelette (no salt because this cheese is salty already)


Delicately close the dough making sure it is well sealed and bake for 10 minutes at 200°C. As usual look, smell & touch to see if ready.



If I’d had them at home on a plate I would have sprinkled them with nice olive oil. Obviously a bad choice if you will have them like me on the go!

Eat well & be prepared


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