onion soup & sun


I did get one day of sun, a week ago on my favorite nordic seaside. I even got a slight tan;) As children we used to spend the summer here, eating “crevettes” out of the shell and fishing for “moules”, also cruelly poking stranded jellyfish with a stick while safely sitting on my dad’s shoulders. There were lots of them this time but luckily for them I grew up … a little. What did I bring home except a couple of empty shells….a cookbook and more cooking inspiration that I can tell you right now since I always try to keep my posts short. I am impatient to share post by post!

I start with onion soup.


2 tablespoons of olive oil

salt & pepper (season to your taste)

4 medium sized onions (I used red, any other kind is fine too)

2 tablespoons agave syrup

2 springs of thyme

1 bay leave (optional)

Cut the onions (if you have a good trick to fight the crying here, let me know;)) and caramelize them on a medium heat with the olive oil and agave syrup. When they are nicely colored, cover them with water, add the thyme and bay leave & let simmer for 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt & pepper. I served this onion soup with self-made bread with black olive tapenade & plain olive oil. Any dish that comes with good bread is a winner for me!


I was out of home made organic chicken stock. I normally have some frozen in an ice-cube holder. I add a couple of cubes to my vegetarian soups  to do something for the strength of my bones.

This onion soup is inspired by the founder of “le pain quotidien”, Alain Coumont & his cookbook. This is his shopfront…in Brugge. The second day was obviously rainy again and we lingered over breakfast before making it back to the seaside.


Eat well & catch some sun…;)



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