combining foods…

…is a tricky one.

Let me start with the last 18 years that I happily passed in the yogaworld! This community is very aware of health and non-violence which inevitably leads to giving your food a thought or two. I do think that the leap from my passion for yoga to a new passion for cooking healthy food was a natural development.

(My favorite ashtanga yoga place for yoga & clever, tasty food on Crete,…can you spot me;))

Food on yoga retreats seems to consist of pulses (all kinds of beans and lentils), rice, vegetables (often raw) and fruit. After the first couple of days I always looked like a baby elephant. While everybody else seemed to thrive on this food, feeling detoxed and energized I was feeling sluggish and…well… baby elephant. The reason was my sensible belly. I should be aware of food combinations for several reasons.

The first one is valid for all kinds of tummies, sensible or not. Badly or undigested food stays in your intestines too long. So it has time to ferment, to create bloating, silent inflammation (the key to a lot of modern & common diseases and as the word says silent, unnoticed for a long time). Overeating also has this effect.

For me apart from silent inflammation I do feel bad with some of the combinations others don’t seem to affect me. Like usual listen to YOUR body & ignore fanatic food rules. Eating is not a cerebral thing. It’s nice to have all the information. I am currently trying to write a book list for you and man do I have information;) But in the moment of choosing and eating your food it’s about how it makes you feel. Like in yoga your body knows all it needs to know you just have to LET IT fallow it’s own wisdom. You don’t want tiredness, brain fog, bloating…. You want energy, alertness, nice skin & hair, …and and and;)

Food combination “thoughts” (kicking the word rules)

  • Fruit doesn’t do well in combination with other foods and is best eaten half an hour before or after anything else, especially melon!
  • Protein (animal protein, including milk products) is best eaten with vegetables NOT with starches (bread, rice, pasta…).
  • Starches are best eaten with vegetables NOT with protein (animal protein including milk products).
  • Beans or lentils  have to be well cooked (if sensible to bloating you might want to try to cook them a couple of times, or cook and bake…) and are best eaten with a whole grain (whole rice…). More grain less beans on your plate. What works for me is 1/4 beans and 3/4 rice…you will have to play with that and find out what works for you.
  • Vegetable & fruit together can ferment quiet a lot too, this also counts for smoothies and juices. I personally can not mix the two.
  • Milkproducts like yoghurt or kefir with fruit, only works with really sour fruits. That is berries for example.

Let me know if you have any questions concerning food combinations and keep in mind that like for any food information these can be either useful or of no importance to you. I do fallow the first, third and forth. I seem to have no trouble combining starch and protein.

Eat well


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