Inspired by an alcohol free cocktail served to me in Marrakesh, I put this afternoon pick-me-up together that I am sipping right now;) I also had a well deserved weekend afternoon nap before which makes it even better…

No justification needed for a little nap. But…after my first more challenging yoga class following a six months break on thursday evening,  I wake up on Friday at something & 20 minutes, thinking sh…. I’m late for work. Shower (take an instant photo from the balcony, because it looks mystic and foggy) and rush to work.

Scan 7

I arrive over one hour early to a deserted building. It must have been 5.20 when I got up. No need to tell you it was a long day and something like this would have been of need:) I am making up for sleep and my favorite pick-me-up today.

Lemon: Has a cooling effect, treats colds, is a good antiseptic, helps weight loss & so much more…

DSC_0301 1

Mint: tones the digestive system, helps with excessive heat in the body, invigorates, promotes circulation of energy…

DSC_0310 1

Ginger: Boost circulation, stimulated digestion & respiration & nervous system function….

DSC_0305 1

Stevia: apparently regulates blood sugar (I mostly use the fresh plant since it has not been processed, I do have the powdered form too though)

DSC_0314 1

Wash & cut & pour boiling water on top. Let it cool off a good deal before drinking. I like to crush everything a little…

DSC_0316 1

I did add some coconut sugar, feel free to use honey especially in combination with the blood sugar balancing effect of the stevia. I will refill some water and try with a little dark honey from Portugal as a thunderstorm is preparing outside…great lazy afternoon;)

honey from portugal

DSC_0322 2

Drink well


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