Friday afternoon…popsicle ice cream


I am not the only health nut in the family. I am not sure if I successfully passed the bug on or if it was passed to me by growing up in a home with an always busy kitchen. I like to think that I brought a healthy twist to the food tradition.

So that’s me, one foot strongly rooted in Luxemburg, the other always checking where to go next.



Today was my last family friday afternoon (fun time with nice & nephew) before the summer traveling begins. I am getting ready to meet lovely yogafriends in different parts of the world. A friend wrote to me today that to her we seem to be a little tribe of yoga nomads…

Yes we are & it’s a real treat!

I love cooking or assembling food in different kitchens while on the road and this week’s recipe for popsicle ice cream is one I will take with me this summer.


It’s beyond easy and you can choose between strawberries & raspberries or mix both together. Berries are the exception because they combine well with dairy. For other fruits this is not true. Together fruit & dairy are not well digested.


Blend the berries and pass the puree through a sieve (not too fine) to remove the seeds. Add a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt to the mix. I find that this is delicious as it is, if you want more sweetness feel free to add some honey or stevia (any sweetener you feel ok with). Freeze!


Eat well;)


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