waffle hearts…

…make these your mid-week treat!

Baking, a little indulgence and healthy food DO go together perfectly. Passing on the tradition of baking is important to me but I have to “improve” the recipes to actually feel good about passing them on, hopefully creating new healthy traditions.

Making “hearts” has always been popular around here, although the ancient (ugly orange) and so efficient waffle maker died after I tried to clean it thoroughly. To much water for the old machine and the new one doesn’t live up to it really…but it makes the sound of a chirping bird when the waffle is supposedly ready, which it’s not and it has to stay in a little longer which delays the production of the next waffle but gives you the next chirping much earlier as needed. It’s all very confusing;) I hope you have a better one if you plan to attack this simple but wholesome recipe.


Despite my convictions, I did agree on dusting the little waffle hearts with sugar. Exceptions are healthy in their own right if only for our minds;)

For the dough:

250g whole grain spelt flour

250g crème fraîche

100g coconut sugar

3 free range eggs

1 tsp. baking powder

pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together leaving the eggs for last adding them one at a time.

Heat your waffle maker and lightly grease (I used a little coconut oil) both sides of it & get started.

I just love how this fills your entire home with the smell of fresh-baked goods…& the sound of birds.

If like me the sweet version doesn’t tick the box, try some smoked salmon with your waffle hearts!

Eat well



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