The solution lies in cake


I learned that on Crete people say that if you have a question about your life that keeps you up at night, cake is your answer. Not just any cake…but Fanouropita.

An offering to the greek saint Fanourios and prepared with your life question in mind. There are many recipes to be found and I can’t claim this one to be the original.

I hope the saint in case is a forgiving one since I tweaked the recipe quiet a lot to make it work and to replace white flour & sugar.

You know how much I like old believes like this and how cleverly they sell you what’s good for you. The ingredients in this cake include:

Walnuts: Among other benefits, they reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. More importantly for this recipe, Walnuts are the highest food in Omega 3 just after certain kinds of fish. Our brain needs Omega 3 and it helps preventing depression.

Cinnamon: Besides a whole list of good effects, cinnamon does calm the nerves.

These ingredients definitely make Fanouropita a clever cake for distressed times.


I used a 1/3 cup as one measure, since I didn’t want to make too much cake. If you want to make a whole big one go for 1 cup as one measure.

Mix together:

4 measures whole grain spelt flour

2 measures coconut sugar

1 measure honey

1,5 tsp baking powder

1 measure olive oil

1,5 measures orange juice

1 tsp cinnamon

1 handful of walnuts

The original recipe included baking soda, which is hard to find in Luxemburg and is therefore missing in my version.


Bake at 180°C until ready. Look, smell & use a cake tester!

Take a deep breath, have a bite and let all the powerful ingredients help you worry less and see the solution to the problem on hand.


Eat well


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