homemade potato chips / crisps


I never used to buy potato chips. Just something I never ate except when I was invited. Lately I started buying them in the health store…which doesn’t really make them healthy does it;) My mind was willingly tricked to “believing” it anyway, at least until I passed the till. And then they’re yours…. Now,I decided that if I wanted chips, I would have to make them myself.

This takes away the instant satisfaction that we are so used to & gives me control over the quality and quantity of the oil and salt used. Those being my main concerns when I buy chips, along with sugar content (most of them have sugar added), I am very pleased with the result and ingredients for my homemade version. I tried different high quality oils, the winner is unflavored coconut oil. It is neutral in taste, can be heated to high temperatures. These chips really taste like the real thing!

Coconut oil enhances brain function and the immune system (lauric acid) . It’s an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent. It’s lover in calories than most other oils.

For the salt, an untreated fine sea salt. Highly processed salt is white, this one is greyish.

Salt has a bad reputation these days, but it’s a life-sustaining ingredient. High quality and used in moderation. Like for sugar & flour,  the white refined version is the source of trouble.

Start with cutting fine slices of potato. 2 big potatoes make a whole bowl of chips. I used the kitchen aid to have the slices really fine. Dry the slices with a kitchen towel or paper to get rid off excess liquid and starch.


Salt the baking paper on the tray. Dip each potato slice into the oil, and put it onto the salted paper. Then sprinkle salt on the top as well. You can add pepper or other spices of your choice. The trick is to do it now before you put the chips in the oven, later the spices will not stick to the chip anymore and just fall off. Bake in the oven at 200°C and keep an eye on them since once they start to take colour they burn quiet quickly. If your oven like mine heats more at the back, you should turn the baking tray when the chips at the back seem to be done and those at the front are still pale.


Put them on absorbing kitchen paper once you take them out of the oven to get rid of any excess fat.


Good fat, good salt, good conscience!


Eat well


2 thoughts on “homemade potato chips / crisps

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