south of france & new love

I am writing this in the middle of the night, since it is a sleepless one. That’s a rare thing for me, I am known to sleep anywhere and under most circumstances.

Scan 28


I made it home from the south of France this evening and am off again tomorrow, no TODAY around 6.30 in the morning for a couple of days. I just visited a friend who had arrived home from India (home being London) and the same day took her VW bus and drove to Lyon.


I should be able to cope with one little sleepless night;)

We spend our time together at a wine estate close to Nice, belonging to her brother in law and her sister. Lot’s of grapes and 2 vegetable and fruit gardens. Heaven if you enjoy a fresh plant-based diet.





& the new love in my life is called Elvis. He woke me early in the mornings, stole my shoes, was full of joy when we came home and drank out of the swimming pool. Just as I had decided against having a dog this pure soul might have changed my mind!



He went “zucchini hunting” with me too which is a little more difficult than expected. It’s green underneath green so spotting them is tricky. I also found some shoes…

I managed to get enough zucchini for a nice late night soup!


I’m off again with my head full of recipe ideas , hoping to be able to experiment and write them down soon;)

Eat well


2 thoughts on “south of france & new love

  1. I am sleepless in Michigan wishing I was there in France. Welcome home & thank for all the wonderful pictures. I can see why your furry shoe bandit is already in your heart that look those eyes are heartwarming

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