expectations & lentils

What is it about having expectations that ruins the day?  Apparently great expectations are followed by great disappointments. Contentment might be the result of no expectations and an open mind.

I agree that contentment doesn’t sound greatly exciting;) but…

Do you expect much of lentils? No! We grew up with boring lentil soup. As soon as you pep them up a little you will be a star and most certainly exceed expectations!

& you will feed your family or guests great veggie protein.


I was invited for brunch over the weekend with the request to bring a lentil salad with mint. I love requests like this since they give me a direction but leave me free to come up with whatever I want.

I used the freedom given to me to go through my favorite cookbooks and I ended up with a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe. No surprise…but a guarantee for fulfilled expectations! I faithfully stuck to Ottolenghi’s written word, only adding a handful of raisins. They just belong with lentils in my  opinion.


For 4 people:

60g roasted hazelnuts

200g lentils

2 bay leaves

4 thyme springs

1 small celeriac

4 tsp olive oil

3 tsp red wine vinegar

3 tsp hazelnut oil (I used pumpkin seed oil, which worked nicely too)

4 tsp chopped fresh mint

one handful of raisins

salt & pepper

Start by roasting the nuts for 15 minutes at 140°C & leave them to cool off.


Cover the lentils with plenty of water and cook with the bay leaves & thyme until al dente. (& with the raisins if you choose to add them…;))

Cut the celeriac into small pieces and cook these in water until tender.

After draining and removing the bay & thyme, mix the lentils and celeriac together and make sure to add the dressing while the lentils are hot, to allow them to take in the taste of the dressing. If you serve this the next day like me, add the nuts and mint just before serving.

I  always put the ingredients for the vinaigrette into a glass jar with a lid and shake it until everything is well mixed together. Pepper & salt to taste.

Eat well, better than you would expect


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