autumn abundance & oven inspiration

It has been worrying really to find that although there is no season as abundant in wonderful produce than autumn it seems to leave me painfully uninspired to cook. I blamed the lack of time to even go food shopping but I just found an excuse that I like! It’s not lack of time, it’s abundance of naturally tasty produce!

autumn fruit

The autumn produce just needs very little to be done to it. Pick it or buy it, wash, somehow heat, eat & enjoy. My choice for this season is the oven. I put everything in there.  A big change from the raw food of the summer, but it has gotten cold and windy and a raw veggie salad just doesn’t have the happy effect anymore. Warm & cozy does.

I recently went apple and prune picking and I enjoyed it so much I started planning on how to get some fruit trees for myself.

autumn fruit & apple picking

autumn fruit & prune picking

Resisting the desire to write down something artificially original, here is one of my seasonal oven “dishes”.

I wash, pit & cut the fruits of my choice into pieces and gather them in an oven proof dish. I added frozen berries to my mix of reine-claudes and apples just because I love them and they are so delicate when you buy them fresh.

sprinkled a generous teaspoon of vanilla powder over the fruit and put the dish in the oven at 200°C until everything is soft and warm. I use this on yoghurt mostly with some quinoa flakes or other. If the mixture is not sweet enough for your taste add some nice local honey;)

These pommes-grenades  are available again too….what more do we want?

DSC_0248Eat well & seasonal


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