100 little quiches for the hub.dot

…divided into 4 sorts, carrot & cumin, peas & cheese, red wine onion, goat cheese & tomato & thyme.

dough quiche hub.dot


This was an afternoon well spend in the kitchen preparing finger food for the ladies from the hub.dot Luxemburg, which turned out to be a fun evening with A LOT of interesting women to listen and talk to.

So what would I say in one minute speaking time to resume my view on healthy food? I gave it a try.

Although I do go the extra mile to eat healthy I am not taking it in the direction that is often expected of raw food & quinoa, even if I like both.

I give more thought to the fact that many people overeat in general and especially on refined sugar. I feel better if I reduce dairy products.

I am convinced that health and beauty come in all sizes, that eating should be a source of pleasure not guilt and that we are programmed by the food we grew up with.

Programmed to digest it well since the bacteria in our gut is the one we need for that food and unfortunately we don’t have the matching digestive aid for new hip food that our bodies have never encountered and a radical switch from the food you grew up with to food from another part of the world can be upsetting for your digestive system even if the food itself is proven to be full of goodies. Including small doses of the new superfood of the week is fine, radical changes…not so much.  Eat well

And now to the 100 little quiches:

quiche dough

For the dough (this makes about 50 mini quiches or a big one for 6 people)

This dough is best prepared a day in advance and kept in the fridge well covered so it can’t dry out. It is also perfect for sweet fruit tarts.

500g flour

220g butter

10g salt

4 egg yolks (organic / free range)

80g-100g water

First mix the butter and flour together, maybe in a food processor until the mix looks like sand. Then ass the other ingredients.

mini quiche hub.dot

For the carrots, I diced them and cooked them lightly in olive oil with salt & pepper and cumin seeds.

For the onions, I cut and cooked these in olive oil with a pinch of sugar, pepper & salt. I added red wine at the end and let this cook until the smell of alcohol had totally disappeared.

ingredients mini quiche vegetables

For the goat cheese & tomato. A little goat cheese and finely dices tomato with some fresh thyme that I actually worked into the dough for this mini quiche.

For the filling I needed less cream then expected since the vegetables take up so much space that the cream only fills up the little space in between.

mini quiche hub.dot

500ml cream (for a big quiche I would do half milk half cream)

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

salt & pepper & nutmeg to taste

Mix this really well an and fill in just before baking. If you are worried about the dough getting soggy just use the left over egg white and lightly brush it on the dough before filling in the vegetables and cream.

Bake at 180°C until you see & smell that they are done!

Eat well

mini quiche hub.dot

mini quiche hub.dot

mini quiches


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