For the health nut that I am posting this is out of character, but…

We celebrated my nephew’s fifth birthday and he had ordered these weeks ahead. That is more than enough reason for me to undertake the easy but sticky endeavor of making “meringues au chocolate”. I used a 85% dark chocolate to balance out the extreme sweetness that characterises meringues. It seems to be this balance that makes them the better treat, at least high in demand…

meringues au chocolat

Traditionally these are put in the oven in the bakery after everything else is done, the ovens are turned off and the remaining heat is enough to slowly dry the sugar & egg mix. They would be left until the next morning when they were finally taken out, pale, crisp outside, sticky inside.

The egg whites can be frozen, so if you bake and you have left over ones, freeze them until you are inspired to make “meringues”

dark chocolateThere is french meringue, suisse or italian! This is a french one.

8 egg whites (whipped)

slowly add 500g of sugar. The meringue looks shiny.

My patisserie chef would add a pinch of salt before whipping the whites. Do not add the sugar at the beginning.

Melt some dark chocolate and let it cool off. In corporate into the meringue mix without actually mixing it. Pour it on top and start spooning the meringue on the baking tray (baking paper is a must). The chocolate will find its way into the mixture without your help.

meringues au chocolat

Bake or rather dry for 30 to 60 minutes at 120° to 150°.

They should be dry to the touch when you take them out.



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