I live in little Luxemburg (in between France, Germany & Belgium).

























Gigi is what my family calls me;) I grew up with the traditional food of the 70es & 80es before the mediterranean and much healthier lifestyle hit Luxemburg. As a kid, I  tried to avoid meals or snacked on something just before since I didn’t like meat nor sauces, which were on the menu quiet a lot.

To this day you can chase me with a cream sauce.

Later this led me to read all I could about food & nutrition and finally study at the New York institute for integrative nutrition. I also trained in patisserie in Paris which was an amazing experience.

Here I allow myself to write about whatever comes to mind in my kitchen, on a plane or on a mat;)

My blog is basically my recipe collection that I personally come back to regularly and I am very happy for you to do the same if you find something you like.

I do not intend to give nutritional advice nor stand for a specific diet.

I own way too many cookbooks and am not done getting more. I do admire the authors who wrote, cooked and tested the dishes for us. No matter how much I change a recipe, I will always tell you where I got my inspiration from and maybe that same person or place will be inspirational to you.

Eat well



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