I live in little Luxemburg (in between France, Germany & Belgium).

























Gigi is what my family calls me;) I grew up with the traditional food of the 70es & 80es before the mediterranean and much healthier lifestyle hit Luxemburg. As a kid, I  tried to avoid meals or snacked on something just before since I didn’t like meat nor sauces, which were on the menu quiet a lot.

To this day you can chase me with a cream sauce.

Later this led me to read all I could about food & nutrition and finally study at the institute for integrative nutrition. The first lesson was about food in the broadest sense possible. Food for your soul as much as for your body is what I’m interested in. I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and am well aware that it’s not necessary to be on a yoga mat to find what makes you happy. Anything that reveals the mind and body connection, gets you into a flow and lets you forget time does the job. For me that magic moment is easily provoked in a kitchen or when I move… headstand, swimming or traveling, art, it all works for me.

I also trained in pâtisserie in Paris. So much fun although I am changing the recipes towards what I consider healthier whenever possible and I can hear my Chef yelling “you can also do charcuterie while you’re at it!” He was a true pâtissier and didn’t espescially like my questions about reducing or substituting sugar, leaving wheat out ect… And by the looks of him and his energy, he had no need for any of that. I do! That is how different we are and how impossible it is to tell somebody else what is healthy for them. Everybody has to feel for themselves what works for them. The mean bit is that we are only able to do that reliably when we are in balance and that we have to find a way back to balance every single time our lifestyle has thrown us off track.

Here I allow myself to write about whatever comes to mind in my kitchen, on a plane or on a mat;)

I own way too many cookbooks and am not done getting more. I do admire the authors who wrote, cooked and tested the dishes for us. No matter how much I change a recipe, I will always tell you where I got my inspiration from and maybe that same person or place will be inspirational to you.

Eat well


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